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Questions About Prescriptions?

To renew your prescription when there are no remaining refills, call your pharmacy directly. In order to fill your medication in a timely manner and avoid missing dosages, contact your pharmacy at least 4-5 business days before you run out of your medication. Please anticipate your prescription needs before holidays and weekends and request these refills in advance. Your pharmacy will contact us for additional refill authorizations if required.


If you need to contact the office about a refill, please call (985) 652-3344 during regular office hours and leave a message with our staff. Please do not contact the on-call physician after hours for routine prescription refills, as after-hours care is reserved for urgent care needs. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Sometimes your doctor will want to see you prior to allowing further refills and we will notify you if this is the case. Never assume your doctor wants you to stop taking your medication just because there are no refills remaining on your prescriptions.


The best way to maintain an adequate supply of your prescription medications is to evaluate your medication supply prior to your scheduled office visits and request refills at your visit. For your visits we suggest that you bring a list of your medications, including dosage and how/when you take them, or put all of your medications in a bag and bring them with you. If you need a Personal Medical Record form, click here.


If you are taking long-term narcotic pain medicines, you and your doctor will establish a plan regarding refills. Usually, a specific amount and time period is denoted in your chart so that you can get refills even if your doctor is out of the office. If there is no plan in your chart or you request refills out of the normal frequency, it is difficult for another one of our providers to allow refills and may decline to do so. Therefore, it is very important not to wait until the last minute to request refills. 

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